Benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting

Posted on Jan 3, 2023

Live Scan fingerprinting is a modern and efficient method of capturing and transmitting fingerprints electronically. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its numerous benefits and convenience. In this blog post, we will explore why Live Scan fingerprinting is important in today's world.

First and foremost, Live Scan fingerprinting is a quick and easy process. Traditional ink-and-paper fingerprinting can be time-consuming and messy, as it requires the use of ink and the rolling of fingers onto a card. With Live Scan, there is no need for ink or cards. Instead, a digital scan of the fingerprints is taken and transmitted electronically to the relevant authorities. This means that the process is much faster and more efficient, saving time for both the person being fingerprinted and the person taking the fingerprints.

Another advantage of Live Scan fingerprinting is that it is more accurate than traditional fingerprinting methods. Because Live Scan captures a digital image of the fingerprints, it is able to pick up on finer details that might be missed with ink-and-paper fingerprinting. This is especially important in cases where accuracy is crucial, such as when conducting background checks or verifying a person's identity.

Live Scan fingerprinting is also more secure than traditional methods. With ink-and-paper fingerprinting, there is a risk of the fingerprints being smudged or otherwise compromised, which can lead to errors or misidentifications. Live Scan, on the other hand, captures a clear and accurate digital image of the fingerprints, reducing the risk of errors or misidentifications. Additionally, because the fingerprints are transmitted electronically, there is less risk of them being lost or stolen during transit.

Live Scan fingerprinting is also more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. Ink-and-paper fingerprinting generates a lot of waste, including ink pads, fingerprint cards, and other materials. Live Scan eliminates the need for these materials, reducing the amount of waste generated.

There are also numerous practical applications for Live Scan fingerprinting. One common use is for background checks, which are often required for employment, licensing, and other purposes. Live Scan can also be used to verify a person's identity, such as when enrolling in a school or obtaining a passport. Additionally, Live Scan is often used by law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes and identify suspects.

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